Superman as he appears in Injustice 2

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The Regime (Leader)

Kal-El was a Kryptonion who crashlanded as baby on the planet Earth. He was raised by Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent in Smallville under the disguise of Clark Kent. He moved to Metropolis where he met his wife Lois Lane and became there the superhero Superman. He, Batman and Wonder Woman started the Justice League shortly aftewards. However, when The Joker killed his wife and unborn child, Superman gave into madness and killed The Joker himself. He then started the Regime and began ruling over people. Five years later, he was taken down by The Insurgence and The Justice League of Prime Earth. However, five years later, he didn't learn his lesson and was broken out. He restarted his Regime, but helped the Insurgence and his cousin Kara with taking down Brainiac, the android who was behind the destruction of Krypton.

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