Scarecrow as he appears in Injustice 2

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The Society

Scarecrow is an anarchist who is working with The Society. Someone took over Jonathan Crane's mantle and is obsessed with putting the world in fear.

Injustice Comic Edit

[This is not known if it's considered canon. Back when Year 5 was in the making, one of the new writers made the error to add Scarecrow in a comic, even if he was dead for years. Now that there's a new Scarecrow, it might be canon that it was him back then.]

Year Five Edit

Scarecrow appeared with Black Mask, Tweedledum, Tweedledee, Mad Hatter and Man-Bat when they were attacked by the new Nightwing in their secret safepost. Scarecrow was with the arrested.

Injustice 2 Comic Edit

Scarecrow is expected to make an appearance in the Injustice 2 Comic, somewhere in the 5 years.

Injustice 2 (2017) Edit

Scarecrow has been working with Gorilla Grodd for an unknown period of time on his Society. He made a better version of the fear toxin, which is very effective (even to people who can handle the original fear toxin). He also created a fear gas to let people enter their worst nightmares.

Scarecrow, Deadshot and Poison Ivy were preparing Crane's fear gas for Grodd's plan, when Harley Quinn, Green Arrow and Black Canary attacked them. Scarecrow fought Harley Quinn and it showed him the results of his two new versions of fear gas.

Later on, Scarecrow was with the whole Society when Grodd was encouraging his people to fight for world domination.

After the true master behind the Society was revealed, Scarecrow, Captain Cold and Reverse Flash made it to Metropolis where they all attacked Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman created a wound in the anarchist his arm aas he screamed out of pain. It's unknown if Scarecrow got killed by Wonder Woman, since she wanted to kill Cheetah later on, because she was a criminal.

Powers and abilities Edit

Scarecrow uses a fear toxin to make him look like a monster to other people. He also has a different fear toxin that shows someone's biggest fear. During his monster-form, he uses a sickle to attack his opponent.

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