Huntress as she appears in Injustice: Gods Among Use (Comic)

Real Name:

Helena Bertenelli






The Insurgence, The Birds Of Prey

Helena Bertenelli, aka The Huntress, was a vigilante who mainly operated in Gotham City. She was a member of the Birds Of Prey.

Injustice Comic Edit

Year One Edit

Huntress's picture was put in a document put up by the Goverment for Batman to find vigilantes who weren't working for Superman yet or weren't agreeing with the current Regime.

Huntress was invited by Batman, together with Aquaman, Black Lightning, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Captain Atom and Batwoman, to join his Insurgence.

Huntress captured Hawkgirl together with the other Insurgence members, when she knocked Hawkgirl out with one of her arrow bolts.

Huntress was seen with all the other Insurgence members when they discused Superman. She was angered by the fact that Batman found Superman a lost cause, since Superman saved everyone from the Parademons (by his heat vision), including some Insurgence members. In her anger, she accidently named Batman Bruce, she founds out she is one of the only ones in the room knowing his identity. After that she decides to leave, since she thinks Superman is right and that she can't trust a hero who doesn't even reveal his identity to his co-workers. After finding out about Superman's plan to get an army, she wants to know how Bruce knows this, which he refuses to say. Then she says why they should trust a person whose identity is unknown to them. Then Batman is forced to reveal his identity as Bruce Wayne.

Huntress helps later on taking down Superman's cultists, until they are forced to rethreat by Superman and Wonder Woman.

The Insurgence is later on again angered on Batman, since he was holding Hawkgirl captive and used Martian Manhunter as a spy. They want to know Bruce's plans from now on and no lies. They then learn that Manhunter was killed and that Batman plans to go to the Fortress of Solitude to get Lex Luthor's nanotech pills.

Huntress' last appearance in this year is when the group returns from their mission. She ask them where Captain Atom and Green Arrow are, unaware of their deaths. This causes Dinah to run away, making clear for Huntress what happened. After Bruce knocks out Catwoman when she wants to join him in his new mission, he lays her in the hands of Helena as he teleports away saying that Selina will probaly not forgive him for this.

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