Deathstroke as he appears in Injustice Gods Among Us

Real Name:

Slade Wilson






The Insurgence

Slade Wilson is one of the most dangerous assasins alive in the Injusticeverse.

Injustice Gods Among Us (comic) Edit

Year Five Edit

Deathstroke was hired by Batman to retrieve a map that would help him get the heroes from Prime Earth to their earth. Deathstroke broke into the secret Regime-base, but confronted Metamorpho there.

After a fight, Metamorpho was killed by Deathstroke and Slade sended the map to Lex shortly afterwards. After doing that, Raven and Cyborg captured him.

Ground Zero Edit

Same as what happens in Injustice Gods Among Us

Injustice Gods Among Us Edit

Chapter Two Edit

Deathstroke was tortured by Raven and Cyborg after his break-in in the facility of Ferris Aircraft. He was saved by Hal Jordan (from Prime Earth) shortly afterwards. After a brief discussion with him, he escaped without a trace.

Chapter Six Edit

Deathstroke and Lex Luthor were preparing Lex's mech suit when Cyborg (from the Prime Earth universe) came in and thought they were the same villains from his universe. After defeating them both, Batman and the other Prime Earth members came to stop him.

During a discussion for their future missions, the Insurgence sended Cyborg and Deathstroke on a mission together to take control of the Watchtower, even know Cyborg wasn't a fan of the team-up.

Deathstroke and Cyborg infiltrated the basis of The Regime to recieve access to the Watchtower where Cyborg fought off Catwoman and the other Cyborg.

Chapter Seven Edit

When Cyborg was taking control of the Watchtower, Deathstroke wandered around an came across Shazam and The Flash who were asking themselves what they were doing with the Regime. After defeating them, he overridded the reactor and set it to explode, with Cyborg's anger.

However, Deathstroke was sent by Lex Luthor to retrieve parts for his kryptonite weapon to defeat Superman. However, he came across Wonder Woman and Killer Frost there. He defeated them and took the weapon parts.

Ground Zero Edit

Deathstroke gave Lex the parts and Lex began directly with working on finalising the weapon.

Trivia Edit