Deadshot as he is seen in Injustice 2

Real Name:

Floyd Lawton






The Society

Floyd Lawton is a profesional marksman who has an implanted bomb in his brain, so that he could be put in the Suicide Squad. He now is forced to join The Society, because Grodd has the activator of his bomb.

Injustice 2 Comic Edit

Year One Edit

When Amanda Waller and Rick Flag attacked the "Arrow Cave", Deadshot was waiting outside the building if Harley Quinn tried to escape. She did, and he shot her of the motor cycle she was on. He was later seen together with the whole line-up from the Suicide Squad (Injustice 2 Issue #1).

He later witnessed the death of Amanda Waller and Rick Flag (Injustice 2 Issue #2).

After "Batman" killed of the unnecessary members from the group, he escaped together with Floyd and the rest of the gang to the base of Ra's (Injustice 2 Issue #3).

"Batman" attacked later on the prison where Superman was locked-up to save Damian with the help of Talia, Athanasia and Task Force X. Deadshot confronted Dinah and Oliver, since he was confused with both of them being still alive. He was then knocked out by Harley afterwards. After "Batman"'s plan succeed, Deadshot fled with his "allies" (Injustice Issue #4-6). Deadshot got with Harley later on in a conflict because of the knock-out, until "Batman" came in between (Injustice Issue #7).

Deadshot, Katana and Nightwing (Damian Wayne) later on attacked Kord Industries to recieve Ted Kord. He was suprised with Ted being Blue Beetle. After overmastering the Beetle drones, he waited outside of Kord Industried and blew up the building in mid-day, when the people working in it (Injustice Issue #9-10).

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  • Floyd has an almost-adult daughter named Zoë Lawton. She shows up in his arcade ending in Injustice 2.

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