Captain Cold
Captain Cold
Captain Cold as he is seen in Injustice 2

Real Name:

Leonard Snart






The Society






6' 2"


196 lbs (89 kg)

First Appearance:

Showcase #8 (June, 1957)

Captain Cold is one of Flash's Rogues. He wields an advanced cold gun, which he uses as his main weapon.

Injustice Gods Among Us Edit

Year One Edit

Captain Cold was one of the criminals harrased after Mirror Master had taken Superman's parents. He confesed to Barry that he knew a bar where Mirror Master usually stays but he asked him politely to keep it calm with him because Superman was not the only one who lost someone in Metropolis.

Year Four Edit

Captain Cold was imprisoned in The Trench shorty afterwards. He escaped together with many other criminals after Plastic Man broke into the prison and took all the prisoners with him to the Mirror Dimension.

Year Five Edit

Golden Glider and Mirror Master were not aware of Leonard's whereabouts, but they thought that he was in hiding.

Injustice 2 (comic) Edit

Year One Edit

Captain Cold was captured by ARGUS and was put in the Suicide Squad afterwards. He was one of the many selected prisoners who were chosen by 'Batman' for Ra's purposes after he took over.

Injustice 2 Edit

At some point, Lennert joined the Society for revenge against his sister. He was with Grodd when they were discussing their future plans. He attacked The Flash shortly after his comeback together with Deadshot, but failed in their attempt to capture him. Captain Cold took later part in a mission to kill Wonder Woman, but he failed in his attempt.

Trivia Edit

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