Blue Beetle
Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)
Ted in the Injustice Comics

Real Name:

Ted Kord




Deceased (unknown)



Ted Kord was a vigilante who worked alongside trime-traveler Booster Gold. He's also the leader of Ted Corp.

Injustice 2 Comics Edit

Year One Edit

Ted was seen mentoring the new Blue Beetle, until he stopped his training, because Jaime's scarab got loose again. After he went home, Skeets said a farewell to Ted, leaving him confused. After that, he was greeted by Batman, to join his Insurgence, to finance the world to put it back together. Shortly after he left, Booster Gold greeted Ted Kord and also said his farewell. He now understood what was going to happen, and with the help of his friend, he got ready in his Blue Beetle costume until Katana, Deadshot and Nightwing arrived to capture him. Ted used his Beetle Bots, but his hand was then cut by Katana and he was brought to Ra's Al Ghul's location.