"Batman" as he appears in the Injustice 2 Comic

Real Name:

Unknown Identity






Ra's Al Ghul's Alliance

Batman is a violent leader who works under Ra's Al Ghul. He is leading Task Force X at the moment.

Injustice Comic Edit

Year One Edit

Powers and abilities Edit

  • Electricic suit: Batman owns a suit which gets an electric boost if he chooses too. He can also use his gloves like electric gloves, this giving his gloves more powers and so it gives a shock to his enemy who he is fighting.
  • Martial Artist: Batman fights like a martial artist and seems to be stronger than that. He showed this by beating Batman during a fight with no help from anyone.

Trivia Edit

  • "Batman" is unknown for now, but many presume that his identity is from another DC character. The most notable canidats are Red Hood (connection with Ra's/ guns/ wants to become Batman) and Reverse Flash (evil/ electrity).
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